TaskArmy.com – A Site For Freelancers Like No Other

TaskArmy.comIf we were to start comparing and contrasting the many sites were freelancers can connect with people who actually need their services, we would swiftly conclude that there are too many sites that are unremarkable. I mean, all these sites let you do exactly the same – create a profile if you are freelancer, and going through the jobs that companies are posted.

Well, this particular site brings something different into the equation.

Task Army is a marketplace for the services of freelancers that has a uniform price. That is, each and every job that is listed on the site will come at a fixed cost: $ 99. Companies can only post tasks that are thus remunerated, while freelancers can offer their services for that specific amount only.

If anything, this sort of saves everybody time because no user has to check how much the freelancer is charging for what he can do, and no freelancer has to think about how much should he ask for. Ultimately, the site is just like an online version of these physical retailers that sell everything for a fixed price, and it succeeds on the strength of its uniqueness.

TaskArmy.com In Their Own Words

“What experts can do for your business for $99.”

Why TaskArmy.com It Might Be A Killer

People who come into the site fully know what they are getting in every single case. Such transparency makes for swifter and more trustworthy transactions.

Some Questions About TaskArmy.com

Will other sites begin imitating this one? TaskArmy.com