TaskAnt.com – Assign Tasks To Your Team

TaskAnt.comTaskAnt is here to assist team managers in their demanding jobs. Basically, by using this web application they will be able to have tasks assigned to all of their subordinates, and do so in a way that is entirely transparent to all the people who are part of the same team. When a task is assigned via TaskAnt, all the people who work together get to know exactly to whom such a task has been assigned to, and realize where they stand in the bigger scheme of things.

Of course, team managers can have tasks edited once they have been created. A simple interface enables them to check the ones that are done. And they can also merge them to accommodate these projects that could be better handled when being tackled together.

In this way, a true repository of team tasks can be assembled. And the fact that everything works on the browser means that the data can be accessed from anywhere a web-enabled device is at hand. And yes, that includes smartphones and tablets.

TaskAnt.com In Their Own Words

TaskAnt is your team to-do repository. It saves your time and your team’s time, by assigning, tracking and searching tasks. Efficient, simple, clean, web-based, easy-to-use.

Why TaskAnt.com It Might Be A Killer

The application favors a simple interface that can but let team leaders do their jobs with far more flair.

Some Questions About TaskAnt.com

Which subscription plans are there for you to choose from? Will more be offered by and by? TaskAnt.com