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Superflashcard.comAs you can more or less guess by looking at its name alone, Superflashcard is an application for studying and grasping difficult concepts. As a user of this site, you can create and review as many different flashcards as you need. These will be repeated at regular intervals, and this repeated exposure along with the interactive games that you can play should be enough to let you grasp pretty much anything. And you’re also given the chance to schedule automatic reviews so as not forget anything you’ve finally managed to pick up.

The basic version of Superflashcard is free to all, and two paid plans are also around. These are “Premium” and “Commercial”, and they are billed yearly. The “Premium” plan costs $9.99, and the “Commercial” plan costs $39.99.

Both paid plans give you the chance to have an unlimited number of cards, and they let you personalize all that you create to a degree not made possible by the basic plan. And if you go for the “Commercial” plan, you’ll be able to sell these cards you have created on the Superflashcard marketplace, and profit from your knowledge. In Their Own Words

Superflashcard software is to create, study and review flashcards with a long-term memory management using the theory of spaced repetition.

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Are there topics that lend themselves better to an approach like this one? Are there things that you could never learn using flashcards?