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SubItUp.comA new Internet tool, SubItUp is meant to be used both by small and medium-to-large companies that are looking for a supple employee scheduling solution. Thanks to SubItUp, employers can create a single shift, or automatically generate shifts for weeks on end.

Employees are notified directly of their new shifts (via text message and /or email), and in case there is any problem they will be able to immediately get in touch and arrange something that works out both for them and their bosses.

Plus, SubItUp comes with a wealth of features and options. For example, it can be used to calculate labor costs, and also to manage availability. So, these processes that define the way in which any company operates on the whole can already be streamlined and simplified.

SubItUp is a paid application, but a free trial can be initiated whenever you want. You will have two weeks to test SubItUp out – time enough to see all its many features in action. In Their Own Words

Instantly create schedules, then let SubItUp manage all your shift swap requests.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a time-effective alternative to scheduling shifts manually.

Some Questions About

Which plans are exactly offered? How are they billed?