– Letting You Customize The WWW

Stylebot.meA Google Chrome extension, Stylebot will let you customize the way in which sites are displayed. That is, it puts you in control of how the Web is presented when you are the one who is browsing it.

This is done by launching Stylebot and then choosing the element (or elements) that you want to have modified on any webpage that your are viewing. For example, if you take umbrage at the font that is being used you can proceed to make the site more readable by picking one that makes more sense.

And not only does Stylebot let you modify elements, it also lets you suppress the ones that are unwanted. If you visit a site regularly and only use three options from the 10 available on its main navigation menu, then you can make all but the three you use invisible. And you can also make ads vanish in thin air.

That is a very interesting range of features. There are lots of sites that have good, substantial content hidden behind an interface that is anything but user-friendly. Well, next time you come across one of these Stylebot will let you do something about it. In Their Own Words

“Stylebot is a Chrome extension that aims to simplify customizing the web, making it more accessible and adaptable. It puts you in control of the web’s presentation, allowing you to quickly change the appearance of any page.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The idea is killer in every sense: you can turn sites that are unviewable into the prettiest sites around.

Some Questions About

Can this be achieved using other browsers? Or is it something that can only be accomplished using Google Chrome?