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StudyShuffle.comIf you think that memorizing is the way to academic success then you are seriously misconceived. The key to academic success is really understanding what you are studying, as only that will give you the chance to apply the knowledge contained in your textbooks when faced with real life situations. The ones who have come up with this service certainly know as much, as they have devised a platform that makes for grasping knowledge in the truest sense of the expression.

On teachers are enabled to create cards that convey what is said in study materials in a really easy way. A simple editor makes for building entire decks in a fraction of the time it would take otherwise, and a spaced repetition algorithm is employed. This algorithm is really clever – it shows students these cards that give them the biggest headaches, at a pace which ensures they are going to master the concepts in question.

And teachers who use this service are going to be able to track the performance of their students over time, and also to choose bhe nest assessment methods for them. Self-assessments, timed multiple choices and a timed text prompts can be used for each and every deck of material. In Their Own Words

Improve Students’ Test Scores!

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It is a really effective way to make students grasp the knowledge that you as a teacher are trying to impart.

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