– For Managers Of Baseball Teams

Statmonster.netStatmonster is a browser-hosted solution that will let any coach of a baseball or a softball team manage it more effectively. Using this service it is very easy to keep track of every game that the team has played and the resulting stats, while managing practices is done in an equally intuitive manner.

Of course, managing the roster and the lineup for each and every match is also taken care of in a painless way, and the whole team can be scheduled on the spot.

As every other web-based app around, this one is accessible from anywhere a computer that can connect to the internet is available. This includes both PCs and Macs, and data is automatically backed up when you modify it. Fixes are likewise handled with no input on you side – they are implemented automatically.

This service is provided for a set yearly fee. You can, however, give it a free try before in order to see if its batting average is what you were looking for, or if you will have to keep on looking around for better alternatives. In Their Own Words

“Manage stats, practices, games and rosters online for your baseball or softball team. Save time calculating stats, managing your roster and lineups or scheduling your team!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

As a service, it is quite well-focused and the pricing is just right.

Some Questions About

Shouldn’t more plans be added to cater for the needs of different users?