– Keep An Eye On Your Staff

StaffGuardian.comIt is not uncommon for workforces to become spread and distributed nowadays, and for employees who usually work at a specific location to end up working somewhere other than there. This new service aims to make the whole experience easier not only on staff members but also on the ones who have to look after them.

In general terms, this site provides a platform whereby the status and the location of staff can be viewed at all times, and that also makes for notifications to be sent out whenever anything should happen. Employees update what they are doing in a way not that dissimilar to the updating of statuses in social platforms like Facebook or Twitter (IE, “Just arrived”, “Meeting in Washington, be back on Thursday” ), and that is taken as the starting point for knowing their whereabouts at all times.

This web-based solution comes in three different incarnations, and the big difference seems to be the actual number of users that are supported – the “Value” plan offers support for 10, the “Medium” package supports 30, and the “Premium” plan supports up to one hundred. In Their Own Words

“Ensure your staff are safe when working away from the office.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a necessary tool in a time in which a workforce can easily become spread the width and breadth of the world.

Some Questions About

Is a free trial provided on all available accounts?