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Sponduu.comSponduu is an application that will let you find new people who share your very same likes and interests. The idea is that once you have connected through the site then you will get down to doing things together in the real world. That is why Sponduu is self-touted as an activity app – it encourages people to go out, and engage in their favorite activities.

And the way Sponduu works will let you find people who share not only your same interests but also your very same skills. That is, you are going to meet with people whose abilities are on par with yours. This saves everybody a lot of frustration, and raises the usability quotient of the site considerably. Not many sites of this nature let you specify such information from the very beginning. Rather, that is something you must find out for yourself.

Besides, Sponduu will let you arrange activities with your already-existing friends far more quickly. You just post a status update in which you make it clear what you want to do for your pals to get in touch with you directly.

Sponduu.com In Their Own Words

Meet new people who share a passion for your favorite activities

Why Sponduu.com It Might Be A Killer

It gives anybody a chance to find new people to do the things he loves best with, and also to catch up with his already-existing friends.

Some Questions About Sponduu.com

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