SPGgrab.com – Grab & Share Screenshots

SPGgrab.comSPGrab is anything but a complex tool, and I think such a fact clearly works in its advantage. You see, by using SPGrab you will be capable of capturing any screenshot that you come across and deem as memorable, and have it shared with everybody.

The main use something like this has is in sharing sites with people in the exact way that they stood when you saw them. That is, imagine you are featured on the main page of a blog, or an online newspaper. By saving the screen and sharing it you will be capable of reliving that memory forever more, and those who didn’t get to see it right then will be capable of witnessing the feat you had achieved.

One is under the impression that the social aspect of this application is the one its programmers deliberately developed best – you can upload pictures to your own FTP, and you can also upload them to the SPGrab server for all to see. And SPGrab is completely free to use, too – if you want to test it out there is nothing to prevent you from doing it.

SPGgrab.com In Their Own Words

“SPGrab is a small windows application that runs in the background allowing you to quickly create screenshots and share them with anyone online via a tinyurl that is automatically copied right to your clipboard.”

Why SPGgrab.com It Might Be A Killer

It makes for sharing any portion of the Web in the very same way that you have seen it to begin with.

Some Questions About SPGgrab.com

Will paid features be added later on? SPGgrab.com