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Soxios.comLooking for new ways in which to make sense of all the contacts that are piled on your address book? Well, Soxios might be what you need. We can essentially define it as an intelligent address book whose contact information will always be updated, without you having to actually lift a finger.


How is that possible? Easy. When you become a Soxios user, you are actually joining a network that also includes all your contacts. Whenever any of them modifies his contact information, Soxios will take notice and update the data that you had in your address book. And the same applies to you, of course – if you change your phone number, your email address or your website information then these changes will be reflected in the address books of all your contacts.

You can use Soxios at no cost to begin with, but premium services are also available. If you go for them, you will be able to manage a larger number of contacts and add more custom attributes to each single one of them. In Their Own Words

“The clever address book.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Because it ensures your address book will always be up-to-date no matter where you are, and how busy you are for actually looking after it – Soxios can take care of everything for you.

Some Questions About

What other advantages has the paid version of Soxios got?


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