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SnapAppointments.comA new web service, SnapAppointments makes it really simple for small businesses to handle online bookings without having to incur into infrastructural costs of any kind.

On they will be able to post their available timeslots for customers to make appointments in just a couple of steps – steps which are certainly easier than picking up the phone and making a call after having browsed through a local directory which might in fact be incomplete, or not entirely up-to-date.

SnapAppointments is compatible with service providers of every kind – hair stylists, personal trainers, lawn care experts, private tutors… even life coaches and marriage counselors can be readily hired through this website.

The site is free to use for people who want to make an appointment, and businessmen who want to be included on the SnapAppointments database can register for an account of their very own at no cost, and in just a couple of minutes at that. In Their Own Words

The most convenient way to make an appointment online.

Why It Might Be A Killer

The site simplifies the process in which appointments are made and handled online to no end – there are no apps to download or install, and there are no fees to be paid.

Some Questions About

How are payments actually handled?