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SmarterU.comSmarter U is an emerging platform that lets people both offer and take courses online. Those who have knowledge to impart but have always lacked a context for effectively marketing it will just love this site. They will be able to create a course complete with materials such as images and videos, and charge the fees that they feel are fair for it.

For its part, students are provided with a dashboard that will let them track their progresses and realize how far ahead they still have to go. (They will receive a digital certificate once the course has ended.)

And organizations that want to train their teams are also going to find a platform like this one highly-convenient. They will be able to train their whole teams at the same time, no matter how distributed they really are. And since Smarter U is a brandable platform (and lots of themes are provided), they will be able to transmit a fully-professional image at all times. In Their Own Words

eLearning for everyone.

Why It Might Be A Killer

Both individuals and organizations will be able to create something akin to an online academy for spreading knowledge around through this site.

Some Questions About

How much does this cost?