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SliderWall.comSliderWall is a jQuery plug-in that lets you take your existing content and put it well into motion. By getting this plug-in, you can turn your texts, images and videos into presentations your visitors will be treated to. These presentations are called “sliders”, and in addition to letting you tell any story in a really interactive way, “sliders” are great because the content is turned into something mobile devices can access much easier. And just as importantly, “sliders” are SEO-friendly. They are naturally recognized and indexed by search engines.


The features of SliderWall are many, and these include an auto-play option, the ability to have content looped forever, and a customizable control bar for easier navigation. Transitions can actually be randomized, and there’s more than 15 for you to choose the one you think would do your content more justice.

SliderWall has been built to work on all HTML5 and CSS3 supporting browsers. This includes the newest versions of Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera and Internet Explorer.

SliderWall is a paid application, but a free download is provided for you to get used to the way everything works. If you like what you get, then you can pay for either a commercial or a non-commercial license. Licenses for 1,10 and 100 domains are available. In Their Own Words

SliderWall – the best jQuery slider plugin.

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