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SiteTrail.comOnce you have individualized these sites that compete with yours, the next thing you should do is to measure how much of a threat they are. This might look difficult on paper, but the truth is that as long as you use a service like SiteTrail around, determining which site has more visitors could hardly be any easier. On SiteTrail, it is all a matter of singling out these URLs that are to be compared for the provided technology to weigh up not only which sites draw more people in, but also which are better-built in terms of SEO, and how much revenue they are seeing. Plus, you will be able to learn who each site is registered to, and when its domain is expiring.

And in addition to letting you track which sites have more traffic, SiteTrail will let you follow your favorite websites by subscribing to them, or trail specific news published there. The users are given the chance to refine these trials they follow, and with just a little input it is possible to end up following the most interesting (and relevant) pages on the Internet only. In Their Own Words

Website news and analysis.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a great combo – you will get to follow as many sites as you want, and have them analyzed in SEO terms whenever you wish.

Some Questions About

How many sites can you trail at the same time?