– Create All The Thumbnails You Need

SiteThumbshot.comIf you are developing an application of your own, every single minute that you can save might let you implement one or two changes that in the long run can make a true difference. This site will let you take care of a common concern, and one that developers face on a daily basis – the creation of screenshots to display as previews.

Screenshots are obviously used when you are creating apps for any OS or smartphone, but they are also employed when creating browser plugins and related applications. Bloggers also use them extensively to highlight their new content.

Site Thumbshot will empower you to come up with as many of these as you want, then. You simply cut and paste the intended URL and then choose the size of the screenshot from the three on offer (“Tiny”, “Small” and “Medium”) and then you will be ready to start giving your intended public a good idea of what to expect if they visit your site/use you app.

The best thing might just be that you can create as many thumbnails as you want – the site is entirely free to use, and if you want to come up with enough preview images to wallpaper the Empire States building from top to bottom you will be able to do it. In Their Own Words

“SiteThumbshot provides webmasters, developers and users with simple online access to capture screenshots or thumbnail of almost any web page. These thumbnails or website screenshot can be virtually used in any kind of applications that require the display of website screenshots or preview images. These applications include web sites, windows/linux/mac applications, iPhone/mobile utilities, browser plugins, etc.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

A tool like this one makes the process of creating thumbnails and screenshots a very simple task.

Some Questions About

Is a bookmarklet featured for you to convert any site into a thumbnail without having to stay from it?