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SiteApps.comPresented as a marketplace for website applications, aims to become the ultimate resource for all these webmasters that want to overcome the shortcomings that they perceive their sites have, and provide visitors with a more realized service in every sense. Well, here they will be able to find such apps, and (what is even better) have them deployed on their sites in a way that is certainly versatile.

You see, just by implementing a global tag webmasters can proceed to have apps tried one after the other. If they like how any app works in the context of their sites, then they can keep it. If the app does not mesh well with their websites, then they can have it removed by just clicking a button. The app will vanish without leaving a single trace.

That is obviously where the true appeal of lies: how easily it lets webmasters add apps for everything such as content optimization and web analytics in a simple click, and remove it if it is not working as expected. And the service is also appealing in the sense it can be tried for free. Paid plans giving people plenty of app installations per month are also available for those who intend to use the service frequently. In Their Own Words

Web apps for your website.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It will let any webmaster enhance his site by leaps and bounds, and without running any unnecessary risks at all.

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Which apps are most sought-after by users of the service? How is coping with that demand?