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Simunication.comSimunication is an application prototype which allows users to test drive a new app in alpha. You can build and share prototypes with an ease and facility previously unheard of.


Simunication allows you to build prototypes on site or upload your own HTML, CSS, Flash, script and more. As it’s entirely web based, you can take your work home, to the coffee shop, to the airport—wherever. Prototypes built on Simunication mimic real ones so you can engage your customers and find out what needs work. Start using Simunication by enterting use case, flows and steps. Coding skills are required for the addition of advanced behaviors, however the non-tech crowd can create basic apps to get things started. As Simunications are based on real web apps they can be used for user verification and feedback, for mashups, for brainstorming, and even for raising capital from VC’s. In Their Own Words

“A Simunication is a rapidly designed web application prototype designed online using Simunicator to enable users to visualize and test drive the application before the formal development process begins. You can use our design editors to build the prototypes or upload your own HTML, CSS, Flash, script, etc.

Simunications are designed with integrated use case, requirements and feedback traceability. So what is an example of a simunication? You’re interacting with one now, our web site is a simunication that we are incubating …we drink our own kool aid!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Simunication, besides being flexible enough so that even non coders can use it, gives user a wide range of use. It allows for quick and necessary feedback by giving customers a real app to work with. There’s nothing to install, you’ve got an easy to use WYSIWYG editor, and it’s user-friendly without sacrificing power.

Some Questions About

How well-devised are these simulations for customers? Pricing?


Author : Siri Marshall

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