– Create Presentations & Embed Them

SimpleBooklet.comTrue to its name, this website will let you create a booklet (IE a small presentation) in an easy way, and have it embedded on your site or blog for all to see. These booklets can include not only text and images but also HTML content, and they will be useful in just any context in which specific information has to be transmitted.

For example, you can embed one such booklet into an eBay or Craiglist listing that you have created, and let prospective buyers know what your products are all about in a more interactive way. You can tell them why you are selling what you are selling, and make a slideshow detailing the process that led you there. If you like classical music and you bought a CD by The Sex Pistols you can have that illustrated, make a couple of jokes along the lines of ?Okay, I know, I bought the wrong CD? and create a far more sympathetic listing.

That is only one example. I am sure you can think of plenty more. And if you have already visualized a use for Simple Booklet, then just set your browser to the site – a booklet can be created for free to begin with. And paid plans are also available in case you need to create a presentation with even more oomph. In Their Own Words

Create and publish your own booklet and embed it in your website or blog. No coding required.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It will let any seller showcase his wares in a more imaginative (and thus likable) way.

Some Questions About

What are the exact advantages of the paid version of the service?