– A New SEO CMS System

SEOToaster.comThe world of SEO is not that mysterious anymore. Well, at least that is what you end up thinking when you come across sites like SEOToaster.

Basically, it stands as a SEO CMS solution that works right out of the box. No plug ins are required at all, and it enables you to actually connect a site with others and market/manage everything from a centralized location.

The site has a really thorough guide that explains all the basic (and not so basic) steps. These range from creating content and templates to how to work with media on the whole. For example, you are taught how to import images and pictures from sites such as Picasa. Moreover, you are shown the way to add a comment system and forms for visitors to leave their comments.

In order to make things easier on everybody, the site comes complete with a collection of free themes that you can use to give your site (or sites) a further touch of class. I counted almost thirty, and while they were mostly aimed at business users some which were a bit livelier in terms of colors and motifs were likewise provided. In Their Own Words

“Most advanced SEO CMS right out of the box, free and open source.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The ability to connect different sites and manage them in a unified way is certainly a good point in its favor.

Some Questions About

What improvements are forthcoming?