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Sched.orgSched advertises itself as an “interactive event calendar and personal agenda builder for conferences and festivals”. Its main objective is to let anybody communicate and display the full listing of events and create something akin to a more “connected” feel.


As far as attendees are concerned, they can see pictures and also listen to audio when accessing the event’s calendar. Videos are likewise supported, and the system is optimized for mobile access (both iPhones and Blackberries are currently supported). There is even a color-based categorization functionality that lets any person who plans on attending see the different sessions occurring at the event.

For its part, the organizers of the event can add or modify data whenever they wish as the solution is wholly web-hosted. The user can also add as many schedule administrators as he wishes.

There are three different plans for you to choose from, and non-profits are eligible for discounts. Also, note that Sched can be added to any website and customized so that it looks as an integrated part of it, and it fits the whole theme of the event minutely. In Their Own Words

“SCHED* is a simple yet powerful event calendar & personal agenda planner with robust social networking features. Use SCHED* & you’ll see why our motto is, “Simple. Social. Scheduling.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It makes for organizing any event in a smooth way indeed, and for making any change or even cancelation that might be necessary.

Some Questions About

How can I find out which plan is the right one for me?


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