– A Smooth Way To Improve Your Habits

Rootein.comGetting healthy habits and improving the way you live is not that difficult, but it might pose a difficult to some. I think it all boils down to having the determination to keep going at something without losing sight of where it is you are headed.

And that is exactly what this site aims to let you do: to keep you motivated as you work up your “rooteins”.

Leaving aside that most unfortunate word play, the site is good in every sense. A calendar is provided to make it simple for you to track your progress, and features like daily reminders and a slack detector will “gently” nudge should you go missing too many days in a row. Mobiles are already supported, and you can both receive reminders while you are on the go and access the Rootein site from anywhere.

The idea, then, is to make the serious task of building a habit a fun enough activity so that you stay engaged and do never lose interest. These services are all rendered at no cost, too, so trying the system out is a mere matter of taking a few moments of your time to do it. In Their Own Words

“Rootein™ lets you define habits and track progress as you go along. Mark the calendar everyday you get up early or hit the gym. Receive reminders so you can never say “I forgot”. Get an instant picture of how you’ve been doing. Feel better.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a comprehensive enough service – the reminders, the slack detector, mobile support… it is all already accounted for.

Some Questions About

To which extent are Facebook and Twitter supported?