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Roomle.comRoomle is an online platform that you can use for making the living space of your dreams come true. In general terms, using Roomle you can design rooms for houses, apartments and offices and then proceed to share what you have designed with others.

That is, you can share it with your friends and acquaintances in order to get a second opinion, and you can also ask an architect or related professional in order to get the insight of someone who is truly knowledgeable. You can also have the resulting designs integrated with other applications.

The whole process takes place online, and registration comes at no cost. In actuality, you don’t even have to register if all that you want to do is give Roomle a try – the editor loads regardless of the fact you have signed in or not. It is all quite intuitive, frankly, but some placement options can be a bit tricky at first – I think that giving the provided documentation a good look is mandatory after a short process of trial and error. In Their Own Words

“The online room planning platform.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

As a platform, it is great because it lets even those who are not architects convey their ideas with verve and precision.

Some Questions About

Is a desktop version of this webware available?