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RocknSites.comIn these days of viral content and direct contact with fans something like having a site which is up-to-scratch is so obvious that some may bypass it. Resources such as RocknSites are there to ensure that the cornerstone of your band’s presence on the web is as tidy as it should be.

The services on offer will let you keep in close contact with your fans and also manage everything yourself by way of the provided CMS.

The site you will have will go by its own customized URL, and you can post news and updates to it much in the same way that you would keep a blog refreshed. And updating the structure of the site itself once it has been created is very easy, too – you will be periodically provided with free modules to keep everything running smoothly.

It is not the first site of its kind to surface, of course. Others like BandCentral have been around for longer, and it will be interesting to see in which way one undercuts the other. One thing is for certain – users are going to be benefited the most from the race to the top. In Their Own Words

“Professional websites for bands & musicians at an affordable price.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Musicians looking for the right amount of exposure will certainly maximize it.

Some Questions About

What gives this an edge over (very) related sites such as BandCentral?