Rightrend.com – Your Own Startpage

Rightrend.comAs far as tools for building up a startpage are concerned, Rightrend is certainly up there with the ones that are among the easiest to use. You can get one together after just clicking about for a couple of minutes, and then you can access this startpage from just wherever you want – your home computer, your mobile, your MacBook air…

Such a page will be hosted on a unique URL, and that unique URL will invariably take after your username. That is, if I were to create one myself it would look like http://rightrend.com/rogerh. So, the moment you sign up for the service is the moment your URL becomes available, and then you can start editing the page itself. You can add all these sites that you always visit at one point or the other during the day, and you can choose exactly which thumbnails will be displayed.

You can also add your own logo, or choose one from the many which are provided on the Rightrend database. Whatever makes things feel more like home.

Rightrend.com In Their Own Words

This project is a web server-based solution to create your own start page. Similar solutions like Fast Dial for Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Speed Dial in Opera browser is build-in or extension type.

Why Rightrend.com It Might Be A Killer

It will let you access the Web in your very own terms, and at a cost you are sure to afford: for nothing.

Some Questions About Rightrend.com

What else can you do through this site? Which options should be added? Rightrend.com