– A Simple Way To Do Market Research

Requestio.comThis website offers anybody a ready chance to do market research, without having to incur into unreasonable expenses of any kind, and without having to spend an inordinate amount of time collecting results and analyzing them to arrive at satisfactory conclusions.

Named Requestio, it will let you create polls and surveys, have them published wherever you want and then be presented with the results of these surveys the moment people start sitting through them.

Features include the ability to use more than 20 different question types and to customize everything to reflect your company’s own image. Moreover, multilingual support is fully provided. And once you have created a survey, you can easily promote it through social media.

You can give Requestio a free try before going for any of the paid plans that are available – there are currently four of these. They are “Basic”, “Pro”, “Enterprise” and “Enterprise Plus”. It seems to me the one named “Pro” will cater for most average users – you can have unlimited questions per survey, and up to 5,000 survey responses are accounted for. In Their Own Words

“Using Requestio’s web survey software will make your market research experience remarkably straightforward every step of the way! You will notice the power and easiness of this survey software application when managing your online survey and opinion poll campaigns.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Researching your intended audience is made very simple through such a platform.

Some Questions About

What are the advantages of the Enterprise and Enterprise Plus plans?