– Redefining Rental Advertisings

RentJuice.comRentJuice is a new online marketing tool that is aimed at rental brokerages that are looking into ways of creating more elegant and effective ads. The process in which these are created using this platform is entirely smooth, as RentJuice integrates with the listings database of your company and it lets you get the ads together without needing to use a HTML editor, or fill one form after the other.

Information such as neighbourhood, features and even photos are taken from your site’s data straightaway, and used as part of the listing. The general appearance of the listing can be modified, too, as you will be able to choose the header and footer that you think goes with it best.

The listing itself will have instant visibility since it will be automatically published on more than 25 sites at once including Craiglist, HotPads and Oodle. And analyzing the way in which your rental advertisings are working is made all the more immediate thanks to the provided traffic statistics.

Finally, it must be pointed out that this application will enable you to produce paperwork and tenant screenings, so that is even more time that is saved for everybody in the end. In Their Own Words

“Make more money on rentals in less time. With one simple service, you’ll organize your rentals, advertise them to millions, schedule your appointments, and arrange a lease at lightning speed.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It gives the process in which rentals are created and posted so much flexibility that it virtually redefines it.

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