– Remember To Visit Sites Again

RemindThis.comRemind This is presented as an alternative to bookmarking. Through this service, you will be able to have notifications put your way, reminding you to visit a site that you saw just once and that seemed to hold some potential.

All you have to done is set down the exact date and the time you want the reminder to be delivered, and supply your email for Remind This to get back in touch when the moment comes.

These notifications can be scheduled as long as the webmaster has added a Remind This button to his site. That can be done at just no cost, and the idea is to let people give any site that they see a second chance. Because a fact is a fact: few of us add any old site to our bookmarks. What is the point in cluttering things up? In the same way that no rational person would buy things he is never going to use, we are reluctant to bookmark just any site that we come across. What good is there in keeping things that just take up space? Remind This puts an end to that conundrum with its ability to have reminders delivered in such an unfussy (and timely) way. In Their Own Words

RemindThis button is the perfect way to get people to visit your website again and again.

Why It Might Be A Killer

People are no longer required to bookmark every single site that they come across and that appears to be promising. They can now be reminded to visit it later on, and see how right or not their first impression was.

Some Questions About

How far ahead can you schedule things?