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Remindable.Appspot.comQuite probably one of the simplest applications that you are going to find on the Internet, Remindable will take care of sending you timely reminders whenever you instruct it to.

Using Remindable entails nothing more but setting down the time and date to be notified, the way in which you are to be contacted, and wording the exact message itself.

There is actually no limit of characters, and that means you can actually create a small text reminding you each and every step of what needs to be done. For instance, if the reminder is “Create a spreadsheet detailing the month’s expenses” you will be capable of specifying how it should be done, IE which columns are to be included and so on.

Notifications can be served via electronic mail, text messages and also through the phone. For its part, the fact of letting you choose your time zone from “Eastern”, “Central”, “Mountain” and “Pacific” ensures that the application will work satisfactorily for people all over the country with a minimum of fuss. In Their Own Words

“Simple reminders delivered to any destination, day or night!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It’s a very straightforward tool – nobody could get it wrong.

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