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Rediro.comRediro is based on quite an interesting premise: letting people randomize the way in which they browse the Internet. By using this service, anybody will be able to follow a different course every single time they are online. Rediro has a database of interesting sites from which to cull suggestions for users, ever single day. And this database is updated as frequently as possible, too, so as to ensure people who use this service will be able to move with the times.

By its mere nature, something like Rediro plays a role that is miscellaneous. It is meant to be used by people who want to experience new things. Period. Yet, if the option to let people specify what they have in mind before starting browsing is ever provided then things would take on a more purposeful nature. Just imagine how great it would be to browse the Internet randomly by topic – you could find the best places to go to and read business reviews, the best productivity suites, the best video websites… and all that with little to no effort on your side. In Their Own Words

Rediro is a randomizing entrance to the Internet. When you do not know where to go rediro will solve this dilemma for you. Each day we seek out the best websites. Each page is manually added and categorized so as to find only the best content for our users.

Why It Might Be A Killer

Simply because it is a great way to discover interesting sites that you might never catch hold of otherwise.

Some Questions About

Will the mechanics of the site ever be revised?