– A Smooth Approach To Property Metrics

RealYields.comA tool that has been created with realtors, investors and wholesalers in mind, RealYields has the objective of increasing the transparency of operations involving residential real estate property.

Using this web-based tool, these individuals can evaluate and share property metrics on the spot.

If we are talking about realtors, they can use the resulting information to provide clients with more detailed listings (such as future ownership benefits), whereas sellers can use the metrics to work out the strategy that would best accommodate their needs.

And investors are provided with a tool for the ready evaluation of both profitability and cash flow.

Three paid plans are available in addition to a free plan that lets you list up to 2 properties only. And (for the time being) a free beta plan that can accommodate up to 100 different properties and 10 individual users is also featured. The paid plans go by the names of “Lean”, “Enhanced” and “Premium”, and they will cover the needs of everybody – from investors to larger agencies, there is a plan for everybody here. In Their Own Words

“Property analysis and evaluation made easy.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It produces a very comprehensive set of metrics that can accommodate the needs of both buyers and sellers of property.

Some Questions About

From a strictly technical point of view, how are the metrics exactly arrived at?