RandomizeList.com – Take Lists & Randomize Them

RandomizeList.comTo many, a site’s usefulness lies in direct relation to how simple it is. By this reckoning (and only this) Randomize List is an extremely useful site and no mistaking.

In general terms, this website will let you take a list (any list) and have it reordered in a completely scrambled way. This can have far more uses that you could imagine, actually. For instance, you can emply such a feature in order to draw a winner for any contest that you are holding. And you can also use it to rearrange any list in an arbitrary way, so that nobody could really blame you of favoritism when presenting the results of any assignment or research project.

Using this application entails nothing more than pasting the actual list that you want to have randomized. That’s it – there is no need to create an account, provide an e-mail address or disclose who you are in any way or the other. And you don’t have to pay anything either, obviously.

RandomizeList.com In Their Own Words

“Randomize a whole list of lines for free!”

Why RandomizeList.com It Might Be A Killer

It is a time-economic way of presenting lists that are free from bias.

Some Questions About RandomizeList.com

What other uses has something like this got? RandomizeList.com