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The first product offered by this site is a starter kit called the SaaS (Software as a Service) Rails Kit, which provides a complete subscription management and recurring billing solution, as well as credit card management, for hosted web services. The SaaS Rails Kit provides developers a foundation on which to base their new Rails project, so they can skip over writing those basic codes and instead focus on developing more advanced or unique stages of their project. The Saas Rails Kit is priced at either $249 for a single site or $999 for a multiple-site license, and it’s a one-time only fee. The multiple site plan is intended for companies or developers who would like to use the kit for multiple projects. If you purchase the single site license and later decide you want the multiple-site license, you can upgrade for the exact price difference between the two. In Their Own Words

“Welcome to Rails Kits, a new source of quality Rails code for you to use in your projects. More than just plugins, these starter kits can act as the foundation of your new Rails application. You can save hours of time using these kits, skipping the boring stuff and diving right into the code that makes your application different from all the rest.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

If your website is Rails-based, the cost of purchasing the SaaS Rails Kit license is likely less than it would cost you to pay a Rails developer to write the same basic code from scratch. Rails developers themselves will appreciate being able to skip over re-writing the same basic code for subscription and credit card management and billing, in order to focus on more advanced code unique to the project.

Some Questions About

How do the RailsKits pricing plans compare with those of similar services? Will potential users be turned off by the very simple, rather boring look of this website?


Author : Charly Zaks

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