Quiqee.com – A New Way To Access Content Online

Quiqee.comThe idea behind Quiquee is not bad, although one could question how practical it really is and whether or not people are taking to something like it willingly. Basically, it brings the concept of double-clicking with your mouse into Web surfing.

By using Quiquee, you are enabling those who visit your site to double click on specific words, and upon doing so a kind of contextual menu will pop up, letting them have access to more options that they would have by other means. For example, this menu can come in helpful when it boils down to looking videos and images that are related to any concept that you are discussing. It would prevent people from having to open a separate tab or window in order to learn more about any topic. Personally, I don’t see a world of a difference between clicking twice and inputting your search and opening a new tab, but some people might.

Still, the idea is fresh, and that is always something I respect and even admire. I definitely advice you to give this site a try and take a closer look for yourself.

Quiqee.com In Their Own Words

“Add double click to your site.”

Why Quiqee.com It Might Be A Killer

It effectively stands as a new way to access content when surfing the Web.

Some Questions About Quiqee.com

Will this become a standard practice? Quiqee.com