QRLme.com – QR Codes For Profiles

QRLme.comQR codes have been used as a means to drive people’s attention to products and services for quite some time already, but they’ve seldom been used in the way this new startup champions. You see, QRLme allows users to create QR codes for their profiles on social sites like Facebook and Twitter, and enable others to find them more quickly there.

QRLme is a free service. Users simply have to submit their Facebook/Twitter profiles for them to be converted on the spot, and the relevant codes to be generated. These can then be printed on leaflets and all the kind of materials where QR codes habitually go, and people who scan them using their smartphones will be taken straight to their profiles. They’ll be able to befriend them, and also to spread the word about them by sending out tweets or posting on their own Facebook walls.

Just in case you’re wondering, QRL stands for “Quick Response Like”. And if you’ve never come across a “standard” QR generator in your life (IE, one that is used for products and services) then you might as well like to check any of these out: BeQRious, QRals and QRbadge.

QRLme.com In Their Own Words

QR codes for your online profiles.

Some Questions About QRLme.com

What about adding support for other social networking sites and social services? Is that part of the plan? QRLme.com