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QRals.comCreating QR codes is nothing difficult, certainly not if you’re using an application like QRals. You can count on this new (and free) web tool to have as many QR codes generated and used as you could possibly need. And you’ll be able to do that using a really slick interface which means even a person with zero technical skills is going to maximize the service that is provided.

This interface is primarily broken down into two main sections. One is where the QR Code itself will be displayed. The other is where you’ll be able to enter the content that applies (IE, what has to be encoded), and also where you’ll define the colors to be employed, and the actual size of the QR Code itself. Lots and lots of different types of content are allowed: texts, links, emails, MeCards, Bizcards, SMSes… and once the code is ready you’ll be provided with a bit.ly URL for the image.

Other sites similar to QRals.com include QRnot.es and QRbadge.com.

QRals.com In Their Own Words

Online QR code generator app.

Some Questions About QRals.com

Wouldn’t the site be better if it had some tutorials explaining what to do with the codes once you have them, and how to track them best? QRals.com