Puush.me – Share Files & Screenshots

Puush.meLooking for a fast way to have files shared online? Well, this site certainly fits the bill. Puush will let you not only share all the files you want in a fell swoop, it will also let you highlight portions of any screen that you are seeing and have it shared with just whomever you want.

The sharing process here involves spreading a short URL around – a short URL that is uniquely generated for anything that you want to have shared. This URL can be published just anywhere you want – on Facebook, on Twitter, on IRC, through IM clients… And it is important to point out that you can label what you are sharing as private, and let only specific people have access to your files. Useful if you think about using Puush for collaborating with your colleagues, or if you are sharing sensitive information (IE, photos of your newborn, or of the wedding of your daughter).

Puush is a free application, and both Windows and OS X are already supported to the same degree.

Puush.me In Their Own Words

Puush is a super-quick way to share screenshots and files.

Why Puush.me It Might Be A Killer

It makes sharing not only files but also screenshots a complete piece of cake.

Some Questions About Puush.me

Will Puush always remain free to use? Puush.me