PulseFlow.com – How Your App Is Used

PulseFlow.comComing up with an application that has a feature too many is as counterproductive as devising one that practically lacks all options. If you give people too many things to do they might end up doing nothing at all, and heading off somewhere else – somewhere they find an application that does the job simply-enough to begin with, and that has a basic range of additional features to benefit from when they feel like going one step beyond.

The thing is, it is too easy to go overboard without even noticing and pack more features than are really needed. How can you know where to draw the line? Can that be measured in one way or the other?

Meet PulseFlow. It is a web tool that can analyze any application that you have created and released, and see in which ways people are using it. You can have the entire usage of features measured. And you will be able to see not only which features have people used, but also when and how often.

Knowing that, you will be able to figure out how to pimp up your application and make it more appealing to a wider public. And this can only translate into bigger conversions at the end of the day.

PulseFlow.com In Their Own Words

PulseFlow is a User Behavior and Features Analytics service built for websites, web applications & mobile apps.

Why PulseFlow.com It Might Be A Killer

It will let you figure out the hits and misses of any application you have released, and improve it to no end.

Some Questions About PulseFlow.com

From a technical viewpoint, how is all that done? PulseFlow.com