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ProQuo.comAre you sick and tired of going into your mail box only to find that more than half of it is junk mail that will go staight into the trash or that you will have to shred? Want a way to filter out this junk mail so you never have to deal with it again? has an option that may interest you. gives you the solution you need to rid yourself of annoying junk mail. First create a ProQuo account then you will have an electronic dashboard which will aid you in getting rid of pesky junk mail. With the dashboard you can choose the mail you wish to no longer receive. will either carry out your request not to receive the mail or help you through the steps necessary in the removal process. Results are noticeable in a month and within 3 months there should be a significant difference. helps you remove you remove your information from: telemarketing lists, coupons, marketing lists, and other directories so you no longer are hassled. helps stop postal junk mail, saves trees, helps protect your indentity and it is totally free. Stop being annoyed by junk mail and sign up with In Their Own Words

“Consumers don’t know it, but their personal information is being traded and sold in support of a $10 billion legally-operated industry. Without their participation, and without their consent. The result is volumes of unwanted mail and solicitations, and increased potential for identity theft.

ProQuo is turning that model upside down. We’re putting consumers in control of their own personal information, helping them to receive the offers they want and eliminate the ones they don’t.

Founded and led by pioneers who built key identity management and privacy infrastructure widely in use today, ProQuo is the first company whose primary contract and trusted relationship is with consumers rather than companies. In fact, consumers’ personal information will never be shared outside of ProQuo without their express consent – ever.”

Why It Might Be A Killer has an appealing interface. The image of the overflowing mailbox on the homepage definitely makes you want to learn more about what ProQuo does. is easy to navigate with a very helpful FAQ section. Getting rid of junk mail is something that everyone would like, no one enjoys sifting through all of the loose junk mail. Allowing users to alleviate the amount of junk mail they receive is a big help.

Some Questions About

How does guarantee that these directories and marketing lists won’t be able to find your contact information again? How often do you need to visit your ProQuo dashboard to remove yourself from other lists? It would be great if somehow ProQuo could automatically remove your information from certain lists that you specify.


Author : Charly Zaks

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