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ProjectManager.comAs its name suggests, this site is the home of a project management tool. And I must add that it is quite a comprehensive one.


You can use it in order to create shared projects and collaborate with just anybody that you want to include as part of the project’s plan, and the way everything is progressing can be tracked easily. New tasks can be assigned to the most competent member of the team and prioritized, whereas you can always be fully aware of the way any older assignment is being looked after and act accordingly.

As it is the case with solutions such as this one, you are provided with a thorough set of graphics and stats to determine how efficiently you and your team are tackling the project on the whole. You can always visualize your progress against schedule and your spend versus budget. Intelligent reporting is likewise provided, and you can keep an eye on the way that time is being spent using the provided timesheets

On the whole, quite a flexible tool that is available in four different plans – from “Starter” to “Enterprise”, you are bound to find one that meets your professional needs as minutely as you need. In Their Own Words

“Online project management software.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

If you are looking for a supple tool for handling any project of yours this fits that description quite well.

Some Questions About

Is a free trial provided for each and every plan?


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