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ProjectFedena.orgAn open source school management system that is based on Ruby On Rails, Fedena is an ambitious project that aims to let both schools and campuses manage their records. The idea is to let them do so in a way that is both dynamic, and that reduces the margin of error when dealing with student’s data as much as possible.

So far, featured modules include “Student Management”,“User management”, “Attendance management”, “Examination management”, “Timetable management” and “News and announcements”.

Fedena can be downloaded and installed at no cost to begin with (make sure to read the comprehensive manuals beforehand, obviously), but there are authorized companies that provide support when it comes to installing and customizing Fedena.

As any other open source project that is found on the Internet, there are many forums for you to provide your own insight on how useful Fedena is (and how useful it could become). And those of you who are knowledgeable enough can make a contribution to the project, of course. The code is available on Github for all to tweak and improve. The rest can also collaborate by reporting bugs on the many pages that are provided to these ends. In Their Own Words

“Bringing a revolution in the field of education through a dedicated community. Let’s join hands and make a difference.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

If it manages to gain enough traction, it is an initiative that can make a difference in the way schools are run.

Some Questions About

How many active contributors are there already?