– Email Services For Web App Developers

PostmarkApp.comPostmark is a brand-new service that any app developer can use to ensure the correct delivery of transactional mail. That is, such individuals can rely on this service in order to ensure that all the mail that is connected with the applications they are building will reach its intended recipients, without them having to worry about setting up and maintaining any kind of server. That is taken care of by Postmark. All the user must do is to drop the provided API code into his app.

When doing that, he will automatically become able to send and track email delivery. A clean interface will let him know about all the activity that is taking place, right as it is happening. He will be able to see all the emails that were delivered, the ones that were labelled as spam, the ones that bounced… If any vital communication did not get through, then he will know all about it before it is too late.

Anybody can sign up for Postmark and send 1,000 mails for free. After that, he will be charged $ 1,50 per mail. There are no setup fees or running costs to be paid for the use of this service. In Their Own Words

Email delivery for web apps.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It will let app developers focus on what they are actually building, not on secondary aspects such as how they will deal with incoming and outbound emails.

Some Questions About

What else can Postmark track?