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Plimb.comWhether you want to ensure you are not losing credibility in the eyes of your Twitter followers by always giving them something to read or whether you want to give your Facebook friends the impression that you never sleep, this is a service that is having your back perfectly covered. Plimb can be used to schedule tweets and Facebook statuses in the blink of an eye.

This service (which is free, and can actually be used unlimitedly) lets you type down what you’re meant to post on either service, and then have it published at the time and date you specify.

And it’s important to mention that this service can be used for much more than merely posting text updates. Plimb can actually be used to post both pictures and videos.

You can manage as many Facebook and Twitter accounts as you actually want, too. If you have two unrelated Facebook profiles and three different identities on Twitter, then that’s not being a problem. You’ll be able to add them one by one, and have the lot managed through Plimb. In Their Own Words

Send or schedule Facebook and Twitter status updates!

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How does it compare to services like LaterBro and Postcron?