Pip.io – Take Part Of All The Right Conversations

Pip.ioNo matter how active you strive to be, there are always going to be conversations that would appeal 100 % to you taking place on the Internet that you are going to miss. It is a mere matter of statistics.

And chances also dictate that you might miss that one conversation that could make a true difference, like opening the doors to landing a better job.

Well, this service is here to minimize the risk of that actually happening. Named Pip.io, we can term it a tool for the discovery and organization of conversations on the World Wide Web. Using it, you can visualize streams in real time based on topic, location and so on. In practice, this means that you will have something akin to a way of directing the conversations to you.

Moreover, Pip.io makes it very simple for you to start a conversation yourself and keep it as public or private as you want. You can communicate with others through IM, real-time posts and also video chat, and create custom streams for easier reference. You can easily forward content to others, too. As a result, it can be said that this system lets you have it both way – you will be able to find relevant content, and make your content become findable by others. It doesn’t get much more practical than this.

Pip.io In Their Own Words

“The easiest way to start, organize and discover conversations.”

Why Pip.io It Might Be A Killer

While it is impossible to take part of every single conversation that takes places on the Internet, this solution makes everything far more approachable and dynamic.

Some Questions About Pip.io

Which further ways to categorize conversations could be added? Pip.io