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PinAQuote.comThe Pinterest mania shows no signs of slowing down. If anything, it’s exactly the opposite. The media sharing service just goes from strength to strength, and while some of the sites it inspires aren’t exactly the epitome of usefulness then they all make it clear how popular the concept of sharing content by pinning it on a board has become. And the limits of what can and can’t be shared change by the hour. This new site lets you share not media but quotes using an interface identical to Pinterest’s. It goes by the suitable name of Pin A Quote, and it lets you have full quotations shared to Instagram in the same way you would clip an image to your Pinterest board.

In order to do this, you simply have to install the provided bookmarklet. This will let you highlight any inspiring or hilarious quote that you find when you’re online, and have it shared with all of your friends on Pinterest.

Technically, this is possible because any quote that you highlight is turned into an image. It’s a clever way to use Pinterest, and leaving aside how useful this new service can really be the one who thought it up deserves some credit. In Their Own Words

Highlight any text and pin it on Pinterest.

Some Questions About

Who is going to find this service more useful? Who will need more features to start using it regularly?