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Pikifx.comWhy pay loads for Adobe Photoshop? Obviously if you are in the graphic design business, it is a no brainer, you must buy those types of programs, your lifeline depends on it; but if you are the casual user who just wants to make some cool tweaks to some of the photos in your album, go to and tweak away for free.


The site offers such features as resizing and cropping, creative effects, borders, and texts. This is more than enough for the amateur to use on their photos. The site is so easy to use it doesn’t require much tutorial, all is basically self-explanatory. In Their Own Words

“Special Effects for your Photos

With you can:
Resize and crop your photo
Add creative effects to photos
Add borders to photos
Add creative text to photos
Easily add your photos to your page”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Considering the high cost of products such as Adobe Photoshop and the like, this is an ideal service for those whose photo tweaking needs are up to the standards of a professional graphic designer, with this site you can do most basic things that you would do with the more expensive programs.

Some Questions About

As of now the only income producing element that the website has is Google Adwords, so in order to start making some good money they are going to have to work their way up the search engine rankings.


Author : Irene Davids

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