PicoThumbs.com – A Useful Tool To Take Screenshots

PicoThumbs.comPicothumbs gives you the chance to take a thumbnail screenshot of any page you want to show to others. This is a simple service that could be very useful in many circumstances, including your job and also when you want to have just plain fun.

Imagine you want to show others any problems that are sporadically plaguing your website. What could you do? You can take a screenshot and others will see what’s the matter right there and then.

On the other hand, if you find a site or a funny picture on any website and you want to capture the moment, you can take a screenshot and you will save it for posterity. In addition to this, this site also gives you the possibility to preview any link. After you take the screenshot, you can save it into different sizes and format is so you can send them by e-mail if you want. You do not have to pay anything in order to use this service for making web thumbnails.

In addition to all that, you will have the chance to create PDF Documents in a simple way. In case you want to learn more about this service and its many benefits you can give it a visit at Picothumbs.com.

PicoThumbs.com In Their Own Words

“Pictures are worth a thousand words. Picothumbs brings out the colors & shades of your website, search or blog.”

Why PicoThumbs.com It Might Be A Killer

It will be attractive to users that need to get images of any website in a fast and uncomplicated way.

Some Questions About PicoThumbs.com

Is there any possibility for this site to add a video service? PicoThumbs.com