– Get Fit For The Summer

PhysicalFix.comYou can count on a web service like Physical Fix for getting in shape for the summer (which I assume is a really big concern for many of you). Physical Fix gathers together so many different tools and apps that failure simply seems not to be an option.

Physical Fix comes with a food journal that will let you track your calorie consumption, and an interactive weight chart for seeing how well you are progressing as time goes by. And Physical Fix also has an activity journal for monitoring the exact results of your workouts.

Which brings me to the single most salient aspect of the whole service: it can provide you with tailor-made video workouts. That is why I said above that the likelihood of you achieving your fitness goals through this service is out of the question.

Quite obviously, Physical Fix is a paid service. But it can be tried for free beforehand – you will be able to sign up for a full two-week trial period. In most cases, that will be time enough to evaluate the usefulness of the whole service. In Their Own Words

PhysicalFix provides you with customized video workouts tailored to your fitness goals, a food journal to keep track of your calorie intake, an activity journal to keep track of calories burned, and an interactive weight chart to view your progress.

Why It Might Be A Killer

Now that summer is just around the corner, people are naturally going to become interested in services such as this one.

Some Questions About

Can you have access to a larger number of videos if you are ready to pay for that? Will that ever become an option?