– Your Name On The Internet

Personas.Media.Mit.eduThis is an interesting application that was especially created with the intention to use your name and divide all the result you get when you are searching on Google in different categories.

This is quite a colorful application and you only need to enter your name in order to start searching for different results.

This is something different and the system starts looking for different news about a wide range of topics that are arranged in many categories such as books, sports, politics, and much more.

This application is pretty fancy and works with flash. One thing should be said about this site and that is the fact that the results you can get during the search are not as deep and precise as you might want it to be. However, is could be said that this is a visual gem that will let you know how much does the internet know about you. It is nice to see the way this system works just for the sake of it.

In case you are curious about how this online application works , as well as you want to learn how much it knows about you, feel free to navigate through the site and learn more about its algorithm and more at In Their Own Words

“Enter your name, and Personas scours the web for information and attempts to characterize the person – to fit them to a predetermined set of categories that an algorithmic process created from a massive corpus of data.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It will be interesting to realize how much the internet knows about people.

Some Questions About

When is this solution going to become more accurate?