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PersonaBubble.comIt’s amazing how social sites such as Facebook and Twitter make people come out of their cocoons, and show sides of their personalities that no-one has ever seen. I’m sure you can tell a good couple of stories of how you posted something on Facebook or Twitter, only to be completely shocked when it later dawned on you exactly what you had done. Social networks make us aware of things we’ve got in us that we never, ever realized. Or that we didn’t want to admit. It’s the same in the end.

And this new site is here to let us explore all that. is a platform for exploring who you really are. On this site you can fill out a personality test and not only realize why you are the kind of person that you are, but also have your own traits and quirks compared to your friends’. You can have them invited one by one, and once you all have got your results then you can have everything shared, commented and discussed. The site aims to let you get to know who you are and how others see you, and it’s an aim it certainly achieves. But don’t just sit there and take my word – go ahead, create an account. It’s free, and painless. In Their Own Words

PersonaBubble enables you to explore your personality helping you form better connections with others.

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What is the background of the people behind PersonaBubble? Why did they choose to create this site?